Tuesday, June 12, 2012

peace of mind review

when for a massage review at peace of mind today located at no.3 tank road it's just opposite UE square!! must really thank st directory for this opportunity, it's a real good experience. choose balinese style for myself didn't know what is it abt cos this is my 1st real visit to massage parlours. the reception lady told me tat it's was a combination of soft and strong pressure(it's real nice to have someone expert in this trade to advice you on which is best for you) love their service max!! normally massage will be around 45mins but for them it's min 1hr and guess wat's more it only cost $50 for an hr! super worth it!!!!!!!!! i was the 1st to finish my massage and the lady boss actually offer me to go for another 30mins of massage(don noe wat kind of style it was call) but i almost fall asleep inside e room, it was really super relax!! seriously if u are looking for massage parlours u should really consider giving it a try over at peace of mind.  i am so excite to even find out that they do have couple's room(can't wait to visit them a 2nd time with dear dear kr). you don have to worry tat they will be like other massage parlours pushing package with poor service and stuff, i am very proud to say tat they are NOT!! they don't push package, they don't massage with half fuck heart and most importantly they have real good service(: 
rating: 10/10

they have 2 outlets:

no.3 tank road singapore 238060
across UE square, along river valley road
10am - 5am

no.556 sims ave singapore 387592
opposite sims ville condo corner of lor 37 geylang 
10am - 10pm



while waiting for e rest to reach(:

choose your style(: 

a very cozy place

couple room

thai massage room

Jocelyn and me

me, sharon, lady boss and Jocelyn

our camera man (haren)

call for your appt now(:

when TCC for late lunch

joycelyn and haren



Anonymous said...

Yup. Speaking from experience after the shiatsu massage I had, this is a memorable massage establishment...:)

lee woo said...

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