Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lobster king - keisuke ramen

A few of my friends keep telling me that this is very nice.. So I decided to drop by with dear and give it a try, bought 2 boys and my baby girl along.. And totally wrong move becos of this our waiting time was 1hr plus.. The restaurant sitting style is not really suitable for baby stroller cos they only have a few sitting tables the rest is tall tables but service experience over there is really not bad the lady who is allocating the sitting really try her best to make arrangements for us or else I guess we have to wait even longer to get our tables. Food was not bad, we try a few kind of soup base and we have come to conclusion that we both prefer the rice soup base ramen!


Pince & pints

Is my favorite month again!! AUGUST.
Had my advance birthday celebration with my favorite girls over at Pince & pints which we has lobster fest! They are specialize in lobster and they only sell lobster. Pricing is very reasonable, service is great and ofcos the food is good too!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Malacca 2days 1night

When for my short getaway with hubby and the boys to malacca. Booked hotel through hotel.com 2 days before our trip (lucky there is still hotel available) found this hotel by the name of herald boutique hotel it is actually quite near jonker st. Pictures in hotel.com doesn't looks so nice to me so I didn't expect much for this hotel thought it will be like some budget boutique hotel but it turn out otherwise. Dear is so impressed by what I have book for our night and I am do proud of myself too... hahahahaha!! the hotel room is so spacious and the service of the hotel is super good! I book the deluxe triple room which only have one king size bed and one single bed(but we have 4 ppl in total plus kids) to my surprise they actually provide us one more extra bed when I didn't request for it. The room was well furnished and bed was very clean/comfortable!! Plus plus plus... it actually has a bathtub too😄😄

Sad thing was we only have 2 days 1 night for this trip and schedule was a bit short/tight so all we can do was go around looking for good food.

Below is a  list of food we have try out:

✔ Malacca jonker chicken rice ball
Address: 17 lorong hang jebat 75250 melaka, Malaysia.
I still prefer our katong chicken rice thou but still worth trying cos we hardly find rice ball in singapore. My kids love the chicken rice cos the rice ball is really very cute!! 5 rice ball equals to 1 bowl of rice so you van image how small the rive ball is.

✔ Capitol satay celup (satay lok lok)
Address: 41 lorong bukit cina 75100 melaka, malaysia.
Open from 4pm till late night.
This is really very good!! Is like jb lok lok kind but just you cook your lok lok in satay sauce gravy not really very spicy. If you want to try this do expect the waiting time to be really crazy... we waited almost 1hr for our turn to get a table.

✔ East & west rendezous (nonya rice dumplings)
Address: 60 lorong hang jebat 75200 melaka, Malaysia.
Open from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Traditional kind of nonya rice dumpling with a part of it is blue rice. Be there early or book the rice dumpling the day before cos it runs out quite fast!

✔ Sun may hiong satay house (pineapple satay sauce)
Address: 50/50a jalan kota lasksamana 1/1 taman kota laksamana 75200 melaka, Malaysia.
Open from 10am to 6pm
This satay is so different from what we had in singapore. They hand made the satay meat themselves and even the satay sauce. The satay is actually made of pineapple, not really very spicy also. Waiting time for this is very crazy too. We waited around 20mins for a table and around 45mins for our satay to be ready.

✔ nadeje patisserie cafe (crepe cake)
Address: G23,25&27 Jalan pm 4, plaza mahkota 75000 melaka, Malaysia.
Open from 11am to 10pm
They have alot of flavors crepe cake but I still prefer crepe cake from First love.

★Coconut drinks we had in sun may hiong satay house and as for durian crepe I bought is at jonker st.

We have also bring the boys to mamee jonket house to DIY their own mamee cup noodles. You got to buy 6 cup noodles in order to be entitled to do the DIY. 6 cup noodles is around rm22.70

Shall be back again to my Malacca to search for more food again in end of April 😇

Monday, January 11, 2016

Eagle beauty (sponsor)

Recently I have had my eyebrows done with eagle beauty over in there Chinatown outlet, they did for me their special 6D eyebrow embroidery. Throughout the whole session it was so enjoyable no pain at all and I was so excited to see the end results that I request them for a mirror to see how the master beautician do my eyebrow. hahahaha.. it was much more than what I expected that it will be... it ended up so natural!!!! I actually had half of my eyebrow shave each side just to correct the shape of my original eyebrows, till today I can't even tell myself that the back of my eyebrows is actually being done out by embroidery. I feel so bad that I actually give them a hard time just to help me correct my eyebrows. At the same time I feel thankful also that they did help me a big favor by doing 6D eyebrow embroidery for me and it save alot of my time while doing my make up. Mostly importantly even when you are not having make up on your eyebrows will be still in pretty good shape!!


Recently I have been super busy with my elder boy kayson new school, my new house renovation and my new baby girl kayla. Some of the time I can't even find time to sit down and enjoy my meal as i always need to rushing here and there. Plus is never easy bring my baby girl out to run errands with me. She is always so on time for milk but i am thankful i had yoomi my recent good helper with me. So you must be wondering what is yoomi, her new helper? Hahahahaha... helper in singapore can be quite expensive, she is differently cheaper than her helper and she does the best work for my daughter's milk! Yoomi is actually my daughter's milk bottle now. It actually has this special pod with the bottle to warmer up the milk to the right temperature within 60 seconds! Cool right? So it safe me much trouble when I am outside. Just have the milk ready in the milk bottle and make it hot just nice for my little one to consume it when she is hungry!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spectra electric breast pump (sponsor)

Recently there is quite a few things that I am busy with.. one of it is actually preparing all baby stuff for my baby girls arrival... happened to get to know this new breast pump brand in market which is call Spectra drop by baby fair for the one in July to understand more about them. Very nice of the staff to actually have a talk in during baby fair to explain on breast feeding and the difference between each products that they are selling and what are their difference between their brand and other electric breast pump on the market. They will be participating in the 9-11 oct 2015 baby market, biggest baby fair again located over at Singapore expo booth G29. Drop by and check them out if you are also preparing your baby stuff just like me. Enjoy your pregnancy!!

Introducing the Spectra S2:
S2 Hospital Grade Dual Electrical breast pump. With the innovative invention and thoughtful design for the mummies, including a closed system backflow protector that prevent milk from flowing into pump motor, a safety automatic power- off after 30 minutes system, individually adjustable settings for cycle (speed) and suction, massage (Let Down) mode allowing stimulation of  body's let down reflex, double sided pumping to saves so much time with faster milk production, quiet, pumping next to your sleeping baby without disturbing and a 2 level LED lighting that enables you to see the function on the LCD display clearly during the night time.

Introducing the Spectra 9 Plus:
With the feature of single/ double sided pump, massage (Let Down) mode that help in stimulating your body's let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.10 level of suction/cycle (speed) adjustment, allow adjustment to a comfortable level for optimum milk expression. Other than that it is a closed system that prevent liquid from flowing into the pump motor. Now you can keep track on the duration of pumping with the LCD display, never have to use a timer to time the duration of your pumping. In additional, having the feature of built in rechargeable battery in a small light unit was a brilliant invention, now mummies can bring this sturdy little unit anywhere, at home, work or even traveling comfortably.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The beauty nails spa (sponsor)

Was being invited over to the beauty nails spa 2 weeks back to try out their manicure and pedicure service. I love how they soak my feet in orange skin warm water to clean it before they start to take away the dead skin.. the smell of it just make me feel so refreshing!! I am surprise that after 2 weeks as of today everything I did over at the salon on my nails are still nicely in tag on my fingers. You known huh.. as a mother of 2 do need to do house chores etc... and this is bad for your nicely done nails cos normally after 2 weeks everything will start falling off. Happy to see my nails still doing pretty!! pretty nails happy me..